The following are some of the comments I have received from clients at the end of our therapy relationship:

“…compassionate and very understanding. You always empathized with my situation but knew when to offer other ideas or ways of working at things that were helpful”.  

“…forgiveness is important, as is understanding yourself which you were great at doing…Safe, warm and accepting, A place for me to explore difficult feelings. I am grateful for your experience and focus”.

“I especially liked the empathy that was shown. I felt connected with Lori as she shared her personal experiences too…”

“I didn’t think [therapy] would help so much but it did… every session she gave me something to work on.”

“Helped me so much with panic attacks and how to cope…”

“It was extremely helpful to be able to to discuss in honesty the things that I didn’t even know were root causes of other hurts. It helped having a dialogue to provoke deeper thinking….” 

“….made me understand the stages of grief I was going through and what to expect in the future… your words come back to me in thoughts and understandings as I go through my life now…. great experience.”

“You have been a significant catalyst …. as I have embarked on this incredible healing… thank you for your focused approach to our dialogue… I am extremely grateful!”

“… helped us as a family realize that our child is just that — a child… made us all feel very comfortable… always had a few extra minutes”.

“Counseling was helpful in a way I did not anticipate.  Your balanced, helpful foundation was a great juxtaposition to my ‘crazy’ upbringing and helped me view ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ judgement-free.  You have a very natural but professional style combined with the ability to be confrontational in a non-confrontational way. I really like this. I will miss you.”

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