Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Marriage counseling

Pre-engagement / Premarital:  I offer therapy to couples who want to explore engagement and marriage before making the commitment. I offer brief premarital counseling to couples wanting to strengthen their relationship during their engagement in order to invest in a successful marriage.

Marriage enrichment: I understand the blessings and challenges of marriage and draw from my own experience. I assist couples in building their relationship, adding romance, problem solving, forgiveness, building trust and helping them enrich and restructure their relationship.

Hope for Infidelity: Discovering that you have been cheated on by a spouse is a painful and traumatic experience that can cause many difficult feelings such as despair, anger, rage, sadness, fear and loss.  Thinking about it can affect your ability to function in life and can interfere with sleep. In addition, many people who go through infidelity experience appetite changes and other physical symptoms.

However, there is hope. Getting over the betrayal, cheating and lying takes a skilled experienced therapist. I have worked with many couples who have gone through infidelty, helping them heal, forgive, regain trust and improve their marriage. I can help work through the painful emotions and symptoms. I am able to help the one who had the affair understand the depth of the pain caused, work through the guilt, examine what led to being unfaithful, understand the consequences and help prevent it from happening again.

Other Tough issues: I assist couples with tough issues such as infidelity, loss of intimacy, sexual issues, serious conflict, crisis situations, career and family stress, extended family issues, remarriage and step families; and life transitions.

Having been successfully married for 30 years, I draw from my own life experiences as well as my clinical training and experience from helping many couples over the years.


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If you do not see your need listed under my specialties, please contact me to inquire if it's within my scope of practice and competency. If not, I can refer you to another therapist, professional or agency that may be able to help you.