Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Individuals and families adjusting to aging

Are you retiring, entering the senior years of your life? Do you want to make a healthy adjustment and make the most of these years? Do you want to improve your realationships.

 The senior years should be a time of doing new things, living life to its fullest, mentoring younger people, building a legacy and enjoying our families and friends.I offer individual therapy for clients adjusting to growing older.

I work with families who are making decisions and caring for a family member. Therapy consist of education, referring to resources, grief counseling and providing support.

 Through working with many seniors over the years and my own personal experience of assisting my mother as she aged with Alzheimer’s, I gained first-hand understanding of the stress and issues families face.



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If you do not see your need listed under my specialties, please contact me to inquire if it's within my scope of practice and competency. If not, I can refer you to another therapist, professional or agency that may be able to help you.